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2017.11.22 留学生向け情報







■要時間: 2-3分

■回答方法: 以下の 「アンケート回答する」をクリックし、 Googleフォームアンケート回答してください。


On Conducting International Students Awareness Survey about Employment after Graduation

?Aichi Prefecture is conducting "International Students Awareness Survey about Employment after Graduation" targeting international students studying in Universities?in Aichi Prefecture.?

We ask your kind participation to take a survey!?

■Who is eligible:Students of foreign nationals with status of residence “Student”

■Period of survey :December 20th , 2019(Fri.)

■Time required:2-3 minutes

■How to take the survey : Click  「Take the Survey!」to access Google Forms and take a survey?

■The information in this Survey will be used only for the purpose of policy considerations by Aichi Prefecture. Personal information will be adequately managed by Administrative Office and will not be leaked to outside parties.?